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Kelly Kirkpatrick Wednesday May 8, 2013
I think the variety and quality of products that Bright Bugs has on offer is fantastic, and prices are competitive. Its great that parents and educators can get to see the products in real life and have a play with them before deciding to purchase. Bright Bugs allows me to work around my family life and still earn an income, and the more effort and time I put in the more I can earn. I get a great sense of satisfaction that I can bring quality toys and products into the lives of families.
Nicole Ahearn Wednesday May 8, 2013
The support I have received from Lee has been great! I love being a Bright Bugs Consultant, the products are high quality products which really sell themselves!
Gemma Collins Wednesday May 8, 2013
The products are a joy to sell as they are innovative and amazing quality and at prices that everyone can enjoy.
Alyssia Excell Wednesday May 8, 2013
I love the fact that I can actually work my own hours while having absolutely NO pressure to recruit people or to meet x amount of sales week in order to stay active. I ENJOY selling the products and secretly enjoy having a couple of hours to myself to attend parties (I have three young boys!). One of the best parts of being a Consultant is when the postie delivers the boxes of party orders to your door its a bit like Christmas Day! The service you receive from Lee at Bright Bugs is second to none always willing to help with any questions and never makes you feel like anything is a hassel. I love being part of the Bright Bugs family!!
Lisa Smith Wednesday May 8, 2013
I have been impressed with the products, procedures and support of Bright Bugs management and enjoy being a Bright Bugs consultant immensely. I have also been very pleased with the feedback I get at demonstrations about the product range. One lady said it was great to be able to buy the toys that she used to have when she was little. Many have commented on how extensive the range is and the reasonable prices. I think the support provided by Bright Bugs to their sales representatives is excellent. I really like being able to liase directly with the owner of the business when I have a query or need assistance. They always seem to be looking for ways to improve the service provided to customers and consultants, and I like being able to provide input it does make you feel part of a team. This is encouraged in several ways, including a Facebook support page which is a fantastic way to stay in touch with other consultants and share ideas.
Stacey Howe Wednesday May 8, 2013
As a new sales consultant with Bright Bugs, I can honestly say I've never enjoyed a job more than this one!! I've done party plan in the past, but Bright Bugs products are so much more fun and exciting - it's fantastic to get out there and chat to other Mums and earn an income at the same time! The products truly sell themselves and what a breath of fresh air to be able to offer something different to the mainstream retail outlets.
Amanda Keller Wednesday May 8, 2013
What a wonderful feeling it was when a customer asked me recently if Bright Bugs sell a product that they have been looking for everywhere and anywhere, and I was able to say, well yes we do! Here it is in the catalogue and I can have it to you within 3 weeks! They were so happy! The product they had been desperately seeking was the Alphabet Magnets. They were even more impressed with the fact they were wooden and came in a beautiful wooden display box.
Katrina Beekman Wednesday May 8, 2013
As a new Sales consultant I was really excited to get positive feedback from the guests as to the quality of the products I am selling from my very first party I held. This just supports me in knowing that I have made the right decision to sell the bright bugs products.
Amanda Wolff Wednesday May 8, 2013
I was going through all my new exciting starter kit you sent to me. I LOVE this STUFF, magnificent range of kiddy toys. Thank you for this opportunity in this wonderful beautiful company.
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